The Books

“Enjoyed your book thoroughly. Very insightful and helpful. I wish I had this book years ago.”

Mike Q.—Boston, MA

“Compact and easy to read, the book offers clear, concise and thought-provoking ideas for dealing with the changes retirement always brings. The book is pertinent, helpful, even inspirational for both men and women… Group discussions based on the book would be a natural.”

Wendy and and Don F.—Toronto, ON

The Four Phases of Retirement is readable, understandable and sensible. A wealth of applicable information is gleaned from a short, focused read. The book prepares YOU – as opposed to just your finances – for a new kind of retirement, and as a result, for a new, happier, and more fulfilled kind of you. This book is the new mandatory retirement gift!

Ann M-S– Waterdown, Ontario

“This book provides a great complement to traditional financial retirement planning. It is thought provoking, well organized and easy to read. I found myself going back to read it a second time. The examples used made it more personal and relative to my own retirement experience. I highly recommend this book, whether you are contemplating retirement or are already in one of the four phases.”

JoAnn P.—Minneapolis, MN

“Whatever circumstances lead to your retirement, prepare yourself for the journey. This book captures the typical stages we all go through, and Dr. Moynes explains each phase in a clear and encouraging fashion. Recognizing the phases, how to deal with them and how to make these the best years of your life is the goal of this book. It’s a gem…easy to read and full of good advice.”

Dennis P.—Burlington, ON

“A concise, easy-to-follow look at the phase of life called retirement. It’s a must-read for anyone getting ready to retire or who has transitioned to the uncertain days ahead. Dr. Moynes presents his research in a logical way, along with a number of interesting case studies. All personnel departments should have this book available for staff preparing to retire…heck, forget the gold watch; all retirees should be presented with this book at their retirement party!”

Jim M.—Thunder Bay, ON

“The structure of the book is easy to follow, concise and very thought-provoking. The font size is excellent– we’re seniors after all. I’m forwarding your book to my younger brother who deals with high net-worth clients. These people obviously have enough money, but are they happy in their retirement?

Gary W.—Detroit, MI

“Excellently written and great information! I will highly recommend it to friends.”

Ed B.—Bangor, ME

Are you thinking about how to prepare for retirement and what to expect? Are you already retired but find yourself “stuck” or wondering “what now”? Are you looking for a “calling” and not just something to keep you busy? Wherever you are in the retirement process, this book provides a roadmap that enables one to find their way to a new destination. In addition to the framework provided by the four phases, Dr. Moynes incorporates key questions and suggestions that help one navigate each step along the journey. If making a difference is important, you will find the process described in the fourth phase very enlightening, helpful, and worthwhile. This is a book for one’s library, one that will likely be pulled off multiple times.

Don K—Louisville, KY

“Extremely helpful read for anyone who has retired or is close to retirement. It specifically helped me understand my retirement related experiences. And, perhaps best of all, the writer provided explicit examples of sound strategies for reaching Phase 4, usually the most personally rewarding phase. It describes how, during the retirement years, you can add value to your life and to the lives of others.”

Willis F.—Bonita Springs, FL

“I personally have not retired, but have been an interested and emotionally connected observer of my wife’s journey and the journey of many colleagues through the stages insightfully described by the author. It’s a thoroughly enjoyable read and a valuable contribution to all those who are retired or about to retire in a world changing at a remarkable pace. The author beautifully explores the tensions and offers ways to deal with one’s need to rediscover and redefine one’s passion and purpose. Seldom does one get such good insights in a warm, easy read. And imagine! All of this in an hour’s read.”

Paul P.—Toronto, ON

“Hi Riley:

I have just finished reading your book, The Four Phases of Retirement and decided to write you a note. I read it easily and found it very interesting. I did the exercises reflecting back to what phases in my life really were using my talents best. I realize that sometimes we do not know where our talents lie, and sometimes others can squelch them. I am going to pass on my copy to a family member who is facing retirement, a move, and many big decisions.

Your book has inspired me to attend a meeting of knitters at the YMCA this week to see if I can add anything to those who attend. Currently I am the prayer shawl coordinator for First Presbyterian Church and have about 12 women knitting for this outreach of the church. Our outreach visitation person is able to take a shawl to a shut in, or someone who is undergoing health challenges, and the gift made with love is always well received. Thanks for your inspiring story and challenge.”

Fiona M.—Collingwood, Ontario

The Workshop

“Riley is a captivating and relaxed speaker whose presentation engaged the audience immediately. As the topic is so timely for the majority of our client base, this related to their immediate concerns in both an entertaining and informative way. We offered his book “The Four Phases of Retirement: What To Expect When You’re Retiring” as the perfect complimentary reference material to take away. Our clients and guests gave us excellent feedback regarding both the length of the presentation and the topic. We look forward to having Riley present many more times at our events.”

Rob McClelland
The McClelland Financial Group
Assante Capital Management Ltd.

“Riley provides valuable insights into the psychological aspects of retirement that are largely overlooked. Relating his personal experiences, with a touch of humour, Riley takes the audience into areas often ignored by retirees, and leaves them with a better understanding, and confidence about the “golden years”. These valuable insights were appreciated by all. We received excellent feedback from clients who attended this Workshop.”

Paul Moore and Evelyn Oliver
Assante Capital Management Ltd.
Brantford/Burlington, ON

I recently had the pleasure of introducing my clients to Dr. Riley Moynes and his thought-provoking workshop “The Four Phases of Retirement”. Not only was the workshop educational but also very interactive, entertaining and enlightening. We received many comments of appreciation for the new perspective on retirement and would highly recommend the workshop as a unique and valuable client appreciation event to compliment the high standard of financial wealth planning done to ensure a prosperous retirement. Helping clients to align all aspects of their life in retirement was extremely fulfilling!

Patrick Gilmour, CFP, BA(ECON)
Senior Wealth Advisor

In his workshop, Riley brought to life the guiding framework of his book, The Four Phases of Retirement, through relatable personal stories and engaging exercises. He makes the case for retirement as a rich opportunity for exploration, personal growth, and contribution, and offered valuable tools that helped our audience clarify their own goals for this new chapter.

Riley is an inspiring speaker and a pleasure to work with, we received many glowing reviews from clients and wouldn’t hesitate to recommend his workshop to any looking to get the most out of their retirement.

Lauren Abernethy
Manager, Assante Vancouver Centre

We thoroughly enjoyed the Workshop and I know our clients did as well. We received very good feedback from our clients and our team. I think it was an eye-opener for me personally. Now that the phases have a name, I can spot a lot of my retired clients and family members in their respective phases, and hopefully offer some guidance.

Nicky Trasias CFP
Waterloo, ON