The Workshop

The Workshop

This thought provoking, discussion-oriented 60-minute Workshop is based on the book. Riley will help participants determine which Phase they’re in currently, as well as identify their Unique Ability, their life’s High Points, and their Sweet Spot. At the end, they’ll have a much clearer sense of where they are now, and an action plan for moving forward to a more satisfying and fulfilling future.

Pricing for The Four Phases of Retirement Workshop is set at $1,500.00 + tax.

Workshop sponsors also agree to purchase a minimum of 25 copies of The Four Phases of Retirement. The intent is that each attendee/couple receive a copy of the book (signed on request) at the end of the Workshop.

Note: The larger number of books purchased, the lower the per unit price. You can learn more about book pricing here.

Contact us for pricing for multiple Workshops, Return Customers and travel expenses.

Here is an in studio presentation of The Four Phases Workshop: