Interview with Tim Burrows

Tim is a passionate spokesman for the growth of the electric vehicle (EV) movement in Canada. He has owned two EVs, speaks widely about the surging trend, the practicalities of EV ownership, and why we’re at a tipping point in EV development.

Interview with Dr. Jim Morris

Jim continues to “rewire” himself in retirement as the “Quit Coach”, as a spinning instructor for seniors, as the “Bearstick Guy”, and as the author of a book entitled Live To 126.

Interview with Robin McKee

Robin is legally blind and yet regularly conducts historical tours in the Hamilton cemetery, and has recently mounted a photography exhibition at the Hamilton Public Library. How does that happen?


Podcast host and author Riley Moynes introduces the series entitled “Squeezing All The Juice Out Of Retirement”. He draws the connection between his research that led to writing the book entitled The Four Phases of Retirement and this series, where Phase Four retirees share their stories and describe how they’re “squeezing all the juice out of retirement”.