The Ten Lessons

You know him as the bestselling author of The Money Coach (with over 200,000 copies in print) and an outstanding public speaker.

Now, fresh from the success of his latest Canadian best seller, The Four Phases of Retirement, Riley’s back with the much-anticipated sequel, The Ten Lessons: How You Too Can Squeeze All The “Juice” Out of Retirement.

Based on the current research as well as dozens of interviews with successful Phase Four retirees, The Ten Lessons shares their advice with the millions of Baby Boomers who’ll retire over the next two decades.

Inside you’ll learn about:

  • The Yardstick of Life
  • How Getting Old Is Better Than Many Expect
  • Why It’s Better to Wear out Than to “Rust” Out
  • The Life Legacy Letter
  • Why It’s Important to Stay “Connected”
  • And much more!

Target Audience

The book targets the 10,000 people currently retiring every single day in North America, as well as the millions who’ll retire over the next decade. That’s a huge target audience.

A Great Gift

Financial advisors, insurance professionals, accountants, lawyers, realtors and corporate HR staff will want to share this compact, easy-to-read book with their clients. It’s a low-cost, high-impact gift that can solidify current relationships and start new conversations.

By gifting the book you’ll demonstrate that you care about the recipients’ psychological adjustment and personal fulfillment in retirement, not just about their finances, taxes, wills, insurance or real estate.